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 I am a middle-aged African American Woman that lives with kidney failure, and as a result, I now have to survive by doing dialysis 5 days a week. I also live with Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease that has attacked my muscles and joints, which results in very painful arthritis. Due to kidney failure, my skin stays extremely dry from dialysis, taking all of the moisture and oils from my blood and skin.


I went years thinking that steroids and opioids were the only things that would help my pain until I discovered CBD & CBG products. I also discovered different kinds of organic butters and oils that put the moisture and oils back into my skin.

I have decided to share what I know to work on my Pain and Skin with you! I am dedicated to spreading the word, to as many people as I can about the alternative to Opioids. I can honestly testify to how CBD & CBG products work when it comes to easing chronic pain. If I can help 1 person get away from opioids, this journey will not be in vain.


So the vision I have for my product Hilling Hands is to make your Body, Mind, and Soul feel as good as mine does.

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